Fashion show Mirage

The preparations for the fashion show Mirage turned out to be real American mountains – euphoria and nightmares went hand in hand. Thanks to our creative rapid response team, Mirage finally showed up at the Lennusadam instead of the Kadriorg Flower Garden, where more than 500 meters of silk were

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What Is The Meaning Of Pearls?

Tanel Veenre presented her fresh Hippo Pearls series at Tallinn Fashion Week – horses with pearls landed on the ears of Aldo Järvsoo’s heavenly brides. The timeless beauty of pearls is suitable for both fashion shows and everyday wear.Aldo Järvsoo showed white and black brides on the stage of the

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Fashion Games in Chinese Style

Our Earberries are becoming more and more popular among the Chinese people, who add their own special touch to them. To inspire you, we have collected some examples of cool outfits here: Mini Lemons kõrvarõngad 59.00 € Lisa korvi Natural pastel colours can be described by words such as washed and

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Our Muse – Romantic Merit

There are not many women in Estonia who love fashion and style games with such passion as the stylist and romance designer Merit. However, Merit does not follow trends, yet always establishes herself with her own style. He has certain preferences and ideas about beauty. Let’s explore the reasons behind

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