The Joy Of Giving

Giving is part of the DNA of the Tanel Veenre brand. In March 2020, when covid shook us out of our comfort zone, we started charity more consciously. First of all, with the help of our customers, we collected more than 2,000 euros for the Toidupank (Estonian Food Bank). In May of the same year, we came out with a special collection to support the foundation Minu Unistuste Päev (My Dream Day), to which we have donated more than 2,500 euros. Throughout the years, Tanel’s heart has been supporting the foundation Noore Ehte Fond (Young Jewellery Fond), to which we have contributed 4,600 euros. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we made it our mission to support the Ukrainians, to whom we have already donated 38,000 euros. But there are many more people in need, and apart from financial donations, of course, we have distributed our products endlessly – from youth events to mother-child centres.

Being able to reflect back to the world the good that we have experienced ourselves is a privilege. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has helped to help us!

The Tanel Veenre brand has more than 20 products, of which at least 20% of the sales in the online store www.tanelveenre.com go to charity. We currently support the following organizations:

The foundation Minu Unistuste Päev (My Dream Day) helps to make the dreams of children who, by the will of fate, have to spend their days within hospital walls happen. The “Dream Day” mini-series of “Earberries” started with the common goal of making children’s eyes shine with joy.

The mission of Eesti Vähihaigete Laste Vanemate Liidu (Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) is to provide pediatric cancer care that supports the child and the whole family. When the weight of fear and anxiety is great, being alone can be the worst of all. The Tanel Veenre trademark tries to do its part, donating 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the classic horse-themed jewellery in the Hippo Couture series.


KiVa is a school bullying prevention and reduction programme that uses a scientific method. Many of the joys and also pain in life start in our formative years, which is why it is important to foster an encouraging, secure and supportive school system where learning and fun go hand in hand. When you buy the crosses from the Voodoo Paradise series, you support bullying-free schools.


A foundation established by Estonian Academy of Arts professor Kadri Mälk in 2008 supports talented jewellery artists just starting out on their careers. Grants awarded by the foundation serve as recognition for artistic accomplishment or bolster professional growth and development. We support the foundation with Silver Moon Earberries.


This organization powered solely by volunteer enthusiasm is dedicated to giving children the chance to grow up with both of their parents even if their family has fallen apart. We support the organisation with our Shell Pins.


The mission of the MTÜ Vanem Vend, Vanem Õde (NGO Older Brother, Older Sister) is to support children in society who need friendship, role models and additional emotional support, to ensure their right to be heard, to prevent them from falling into the risk group and to promote their removal from the risk group, thereby creating strong prerequisites for their growth into progressive people with healthy self-esteem.


SA Tallinna Lastehaigla toetusfond (Tallinn Children’s Hospital Foundation) is one of the oldest charitable organizations established in Estonia, whose goal is to bring the best possible medical care to Tallinn Children’s Hospital. By purchasing a badge, you support Tallinn Children’s Hospital’s smallest patients, i.e. the treatment of premature newborns.

For Ukraine

Real financial aid is the best we can offer for Ukraine. That is why we have dedicated an edition of various Earberries to Ukraine, 50% of the sales of which we donate to NGOs helping Ukraine. All proceeds from selling our Estonian Badge, the blue and white seahorse, will be donated to help Ukraine.


We are also happy to support the schooling of the 9-year-old Ugandan girl Kagoya Sauda through the NGO Little Bridge Foundation, for whom we have purchased school supplies and cover the monthly expenses of going to school.

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