Our Muse – Knitting Master Anna

Anna Verschik is a character whose presence exudes self-awareness. Anna is a fascinating mix of intellectual and artisan, a respected university lecturer and a passionate knitter. In cooperation with Anna, five pieces of knitwear were also prepared for our last Mirage fashion show. Anna, please tell me, how did you …

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Our Muse – Magical Mari-Liis

Mari-Liis is an unusually bold colourist. In her world, psychedelia meets bohemianism – a shameless riot of patterns and colours, the presence of which is impossible not to notice. Her whole being also has a demanding, almost shamanic stamp with her dark black hair and loose cuts. Tell us, please, …

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Our Muse – The Fairy Adele

We found Adele Thele Robam thanks to the recommendation of super stylist Liisi Eesmaa. Fairy-likeness and angularity, maturity and lightness shine in this girl. But Adele is not just a model, today she mainly works as a stylist. One of her most memorable works has been the artwork for the …

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Hippo Zodiac Badges

Tanel Veenre’s new Hippo Zodiac series stands out from all other series both in terms of design and materials. Popping pastel badges feature the brand’s soul animal, the winged seahorse, embodied as the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Hippo Zodiac series was made in cooperation with Tanel’s long-time helper …

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Our Muse – Momentary Ele

Photographer Ele Rieberg-Meiel has emphasized in her work to be on the road. She admires change, movement and growth as a person. Her sensitive and searching eye fits well with Tanel’s world, its more mysterious side. Ele came to the rescue to capture some shots of the models waiting for …

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Turquoise And The Tropics

The warm blue is a tone of hope. Clean, bright and summery. If you ask Tanel for a colour suggestion, he will usually offer a turquoise shade first, as it is so universal for both blondes and brunettes, as well as for light and tanned bodies. Turquoise makes the skin …

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