Our Muse – Romantic Merit

There are not many women in Estonia who love fashion and style games with such passion as the stylist and romance designer Merit. However, Merit does not follow trends, yet always establishes herself with her own style. He has certain preferences and ideas about beauty. Let’s explore the reasons behind her bright looks.

Merit, who are your style icons? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I don’t have one specific style icon, but there are many outstanding personalities. As a child, I admired the carefully chosen clothes of my grandmother and aunt. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the inspiration comes from. Everything we see and experience affects us: nature, people, art and important events in the world, etc. Everyone filters out their own truth and vision from there. So am I.
Merit wearing Tanel Veenre's creation - a unique brooch and earrings from the Neffi collection

You are one of the very few women who is not afraid of brown. How have you made this rather difficult tone work for you?

If many different colours are mixed together, the result is a muddy tone. This means that brown contains many other colours. Brown is pleasantly rustic and calm. It lets the wearer shine in her modesty. There is always an opportunity to spice it up with brightly coloured accessories, choosing just the shade that best suits your hair and skin.

What is your relationship with accessories? What are your favourites?

All relationships change over time. It’s the same with accessories. Bracelets and earrings are my favourites. Sometimes it can be a brooch or a towel. Sometimes some jewellery stays in the box for a long time, but as time goes by I discover them again. Jewellery is not like candy in a box, it does not spoil.
Merit wearing earrings from the Hippo Couture collection by Tanel Veenre

When you look at your wardrobe from a distance, what do you see? What are the dominants?

There are different periods in life and this also affects the choice of colours. Meanwhile, there was a very colourful period where I frolicked in the exciting landscape of contrasts and halftones. At the moment, this black-and-white and close-to-nature colour range is more close to the soul. Accessories have a magical ability to shine against a simple outfit, but when the mood strikes, I can dip into a gold dress for a change. I don’t like rules and always reserve the right to change my mind.

Speaking from the front row of the Tallinn Fashion Week, one of the younger fashionistas vividly described to me a lady in dazzling red - what a bold and powerful ensemble! I knew right away it was about you. 🙂 How important is it to you to establish yourself with your appearance? To you, how much is a style the communication and attitude with the surroundings?

Appearance certainly plays an important role in my profession. People watch what I wear. When going to events, a well-thought-out choice of clothes and accessories is a sign of respect for your fellow people as well as the organizer. My everyday style is simple and comfortable, but I still take a critical look in the mirror before I rush out the door.
Merit (on the right) on the platform of the Haapsalu Railway and Communications Museum
at Aldo Järvsoo's and Tanel Veenre's last summer's fashion show Portal

Part of the persuasiveness of style is confidence. Nature has been kind to you, have you ever been a model (You were in Siluet?)? And with age, your beauty has only matured, gained deeper shades... Tell us a little about your model generation (if I'm not mistaken in this regard?). And what makes another person beautiful for you?

I started my modelling career as a teenager. I was literally picked right off the school bench. It was a surprise that I was offered such a thing. When I was young, I was insecure and very critical of my appearance. I would not have dared to offer myself. Over time, I have become kinder to myself. It goes with growing. No more comparing myself to the best of the best, just trying to be the best version of myself. What I admire most about people are kindness, empathy and sincerity. These are relatively rare values ​​in today’s society, but pearls shine even in the pile of dung, and that’s beautiful… As for appearance, I like it when a person, lifestyle and profession merge into a personal whole.
Merit wearing Tanel Veenre's creation - a unique brooch and earrings from the Neffi collection

You have also applied your sense of beauty in your new challenge as a romantic designer, offering customers romantic picnics in nature - tell us where such a crazy idea came from.

I have always loved nature, creating beauty, cooking and photography. After all, I am an incorrigible romantic. I fused all my passions together and the result was a romantic picnic in the lap of nature. I myself am a cook, cleaner, waiter, transport and photographer in one person. It creates the illusion of independence. The romance package is tailored from end to end according to the client’s wishes.
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