Fashion Games in Chinese Style

Our Earberries are becoming more and more popular among the Chinese people, who add their own special touch to them. To inspire you, we have collected some examples of cool outfits here:
Natural pastel colours can be described by words such as washed and pale. Our Mini Lemons are here matched with a soft pastel look, and they fit amazingly.
Mysterious and timeless black, a symbol of elegance and sexy, is always in vogue. Bright red leather gloves and our Mini Cherries add colour to the red hat style black coat, handbag, scarf and boots.
School-style bomber jacket, crop top, high-waist straight-cut jeans and a 90s-style handbag in this year’s Inspirational colour, Very Peri. This street outfit for today’s young people is combined with our Mini Dreamberries, which give a spark to the look.
An elegant 80’s style look with a high-waisted orange/carrot colour and Fruits of Enceladus from our Fruits of Paradise collection. Classic shirt with slightly wider shoulders and a wide belt with a golden buckle to emphasize the delicate waist.
This year’s colour inspiration Very Peri (a dynamic colour that seeks a balance between pale purple and blue), an Asian animation and a body-shaping Gothic-style corset meet here. A combo that you probably can’t imagine being matched, but as you can see, the result is something wonderful. Our Mega Boysenberries add spice to this confident hat outfit.
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