2021 – a year full of the joy of giving

The joy of our giving began in 2020. in March, when COVID revealed unforeseen changes in our way of life and forced us to take a break in almost every area of life. This experience allowed us to look at life from a new perspective and touched our social nerves. At that time, with a heavy heart, closing our flagship store, we immediately decided to increase our online sales and donate 20% of the revenue from online store purchases to the Food Bank. All around us – probably closer than we think are ones in need. Today, the Tanel Veenre brand covers more than 20 products, with 20% of online sales revenue going to charity. From the income of 2021, we support the following organizations: My Day of Dreams Foundation, Bullying Free School Foundation, NPO Parent Association for Children with Cancer, Noor Ehe Foundation and NPO Lapsele Vanemad. In total, we donated 2,500 euros from last year’s income to these organizations. You can find our charity products HERE.
Our modest hope to raise 5,000 euros from the sale of jewellery for Ukraine has already received 30,000 euros, which we have donated to the NPOs Pagulasabi, Red Cross and Ukrainian Cultural Center, 10,000 euros each. We are grateful and will continue to donate to Ukraine!
We are also pleased to support the school trip of a 9-year-old Ugandan girl, Kagoya Sauda, through the NPO Little Bridge Foundation, for whom we purchased school supplies and cover the costs of schooling on a monthly basis.
The opportunity to give back the good of part experienced is a privilege. We are deeply grateful to everyone who has helped us to help others.
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