What Is The Meaning Of Pearls?

Tanel Veenre presented her fresh Hippo Pearls series at Tallinn Fashion Week – horses with pearls landed on the ears of Aldo Järvsoo’s heavenly brides. The timeless beauty of pearls is suitable for both fashion shows and everyday wear.
Aldo Järvsoo showed white and black brides on the stage of the fashion week. The collection met drama and tenderness, floating underwater creatures and nymphs born from spring water. Aldo’s brides and other beauty can be found HERE.
But do you know how pearls were born? This story is wonderful – if a small grain (such as sand) gets into the pearl shell, the shell will start to grow layers of pearl nut around it. In this way, a hard and completely uniquely shiny round pearl is created, which is valued as a precious jewel stone.
Pearls carry the power of peace, love and wisdom. Due to the history of the pearl, it symbolizes the wisdom gained through life experience.
The pearls also harmonized with Ketlin Bachmann’s fresh collection, whose soul is carefree, light and romantic. You can see Ketlin’s work HERE.
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