2022 – A Year Full Of Giving

We did not forget charity in 2022 either. Giving has become an integral part of the Tanel Veenre brand. Today, we have more than 20 products in our product range, with at least 20% of the revenue from online sales going to charity. From the income of 2022, we support the following organizations: SA Minu Unistuste Päev, SA Kiusamisvaba Kool, NGO Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, SA Noor Ehe and NGO Lapsele Vanemad. In total, we donated 3,371 euros from last year’s income to these organizations.

At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we made it our mission to support the Ukrainians. The war is not over yet, and real financial help is the best we can offer. We have donated a total of 38,000 euros from the sales revenue of Earberries dedicated to Ukraine.

Every month we also support the organization Little Bridge Foundation, which in Uganda has helped 25 children start school and provided access to clean drinking water for more than 200 people.

This year, in addition to jewellery, you can see fun pastel badges added to the family of charity products. Charity badges were given a boost by a Valentine’s Day badge dedicated to friendship and love. We donate 50% of the sale of the badge to the NGO Vanem Vend, Vanem Õde.

Tanel opens up about the idea behind our new charity project: “We also want to do something good with each seahorse badge. Our Valentine’s Day badge was a complete hit, and we have already donated the 456 euros collected from its sale to the NGO Vanem Vend, Vanem Õde, which works with at-risk children through support persons. Change with friendship to make the world better, isn’t it a beautiful idea! And this year we plan to come out with a whole series of great seahorses, each with its own character.”

All proceeds from selling our next badge, the blue and white seahorse, will be donated to help Ukraine. Ukraine’s freedom is also the guarantor of Estonia’s freedom!

Seahorse badges are designed by the talented young jewelry artist Hansel Yuchen Tai for the Tanel Veenre brand.

You can find all our charity products HERE. Thank you for helping to help!

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