New romantic series of VENUS

The fabulous “Bela” series of 12 different models have been added to the VENUS collection, where seashell-shaped jewels give soul to a silver snail shell. BELA is a tribute to the beauty of nature and spring. 🙂
VENUS BELA / Julia Shashkina / AD Tanel Veenre / AD assistant Mark Dorfmann / Models: Agata (ICON Models), Anne Mari (AL Models) / Hair: Külliki and Katri (Aili Puss Education) / Makeup: Maret Ubaleht
Venus Bela is an ode to semi-precious stones engraved one by one according to my samples. This series has an art nouveau beauty that has always influenced me.” – Tanel Veenre
A special story
VENUS BELA silver details are 3D printed in Estonia from ethical silver. The jewels that make up the collection are made according to Tanel Veenre’s drawings in India, where there is a centuries-old tradition of stone processing. “Bela” snail shell-shaped stones are hand-engraved – stones made in this way are otherwise only found in high-fashion jewellery, as shaping each stone is exceptionally time-consuming. But this is the only way we achieved the final result, where the metallic sea shell is reflected in coloured semi-precious stones.
A collection of 12 different shades of semi-precious stones for Venus Bela in Tanel’s studio. The collection of larger engraved stones is expected to launch at the end of the year. 🙂
Every Venus Bela model has a name, which means beautiful in English. What language is speaking you the most?
Let’s help the Baltic Sea
In the spring of 2021, we will celebrate the first year of our charity journey. The Venus Bela series brings the Estonian Nature Foundation among the organizations we support. While the Venus Bela shells are located in the light blue waters of the Mediterranean, the shores of Estonia do not look so bright.
Six pairs of earrings from the VENUS BELA series help to raise funds for the Estonian Nature Fund to fight for the protection of the Baltic Sea. 20% of the sales revenue of these earrings helps to contribute to the preparation and implementation of the sustainable development plan of the Baltic Sea. Did you know that the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted waters in the world? After the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea holds a sad 4th place.
The Estonian Fund for Nature cooperates with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) within the framework of the Baltic Sea Environment Program. ELF
The funds help to shape politics and are so-called watchdogs for governments. 22 EU countries had to present a sustainability plan for the protection of the Baltic Sea. Denmark, Finland and Latvia submitted the plan by the deadline. WWF April 2021
We donate 20%  from the sale of VENUS BELA earrings in sea blue tones to the Estonian Nature Foundation.
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