Turquoise And The Tropics

The warm blue is a tone of hope. Clean, bright and summery. If you ask Tanel for a colour suggestion, he will usually offer a turquoise shade first, as it is so universal for both blondes and brunettes, as well as for light and tanned bodies. Turquoise makes the skin come to life on the principle of the opposite colour, it makes the cheeks flush. This time Tanel combined the turquoise with both green and blue.

Bluish-green kaftans in several different sizes and lengths.

Tanel has a long love affair with this tone: ” In our home interior, you can mostly find the warm blue-green hue. It’s the perfect backdrop for everything you put in front of it. Today, you can find more white colour at home and blue-green has moved into my clothes.”

Different shades of green on silk kaftans – from dark cool to warm lettuce green.

“It’s a good tone for a colour-conscious beginner – safely embracing and not eye-catching. I’ve tested it with my tracksuits and it works great! It doesn’t scream for attention, but at the same time, I move around like a bright cloud. :)”

One of the hits in the collection were tracksuits with bluish-green patterns – a comfortable and bright choice for a nice everyday life.

The color card also moves to cooler blue.

Light turquoise with white – dresses of goddesses performed by our muses Marleen and Anna Pärnoja. Puff sleeves add royalism.
The collection has saturated toxic green. We recommend trying to wear the kaftan in the picture with a belt as well. And a dress with shoulder straps on Maribel, which is perfect for especially hot days.

Shiny satin silk kaftans are for real queens – in deep tones and dignity.

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