Summer Hit Colour Tracksuits Are Finally Here

Finally, they are here – Tanel Veenre tracksuits in a total of eight special shades, made of pleasantly soft material, which are suitable for both sports and more festive wear. For Tanel, it has been like a marathon, the happy finish of which is finally here: “The process of creating the dresses has been long and thorough. Cuts, patterns, 3D models, manufacturers, samples… I started this about a year ago and finally, here they are!” All of our tracksuits are decorated with original 3D patterns, created in collaboration with the young designer Otto Antson.
The pictures with the model Lisandra were born spontaneously in Tanel's garden
“I am a fan of natural fabrics. Although the patterns would be much brighter and sharper on a synthetic or mixed fabric, I still decided in favour of 100% natural cotton. A wise body feels the difference and recognizes the touch of cotton. :)”
For the first time, Mirage pastel tracksuits reached the audience at the Mirage fashion show in Lennusadam, where we presented them with rubber boots and 3D-printed helmets. P.S. why not think outside the box and match tracksuits with heels for some more festive occasions? 😉
Tanel with Kristi Pärn-Valdoja in the ERKI fashion show jury - matching kaftan & Sweatpants. 😉
“When I received the first samples in the winter, I immediately started wearing them diligently – and they immediately became my favourites. Especially these oversized sweatshirts, inside them you are like in a safe cocoon and at the same time it is a good free feeling for your body!”
Muse Aiki in this summer's hit-tone tracksuits - lavender makes waves!

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Tracksuits are available in 4 oversized and 4 regular-fit sweatshirt designs. We only offer oversize sweatshirts in S and M sizes, but since they are lose fitting, they are suitable for up to XXL size. 🙂 The oversized design is made of natural washed cotton and is ideal for wearing in cooler weather. NB! When taking care of tracksuits, it is worth keeping in mind that cotton can lose a little colour in the wash. We recommend washing the tracksuits with a gentle machine wash at max 40°C and not using a dryer. Iron at a low temperature.
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