Our Muse – Unearthly Beautiful Kertu

Florist and model Kertu Silla-Kuut, who has royal dignity watering lilies in her home garden in Saaremaa, as well as conquering the fashion scene in the glare of lights.
Kertu in Tanel's Mineralia collection. A look through Riina Varol's photographic eye.

You were a model for our collection for the first time in 1995 at the IN fashion show, when I made you walk with 20 cm high wooden bundles. How is this period etched in your memory?

Maybe even earlier? I have insecurity in my mind, I wore a metal structure on my head and I guess something similar around my body. It was like walking on a tightrope – it would have only taken a slightly bolder step before I get stabbed somewhere in the head or body… maybe it was because of the shoes, in which I couldn’t walk very firmly. I guess I had to move my hands in the performance too… generally I remember something a bit sci-fi. The make-up was probably also icy-white as if it embodied someone frozen, unreal.
Photo: Riina Varol Jewelry and costume: Tanel Veenre

Your beauty is something vampy, but as a person you seem very sensual. How do you shape your roles in front of the camera? How much do you play?

I’ve always been a bit taken aback by being seen as a vamp. Since I haven’t recognized this vamp in myself, I don’t know how to play it. I myself believe that a diva lives in me. Really. It’s not character, it’s attitude. Even in rubber boots and a long sweater. You just have to remember what was taught in childhood – belly in, back straight, look into the distance and go.
Kertu flying in Tanel's kaftans at the fashion show Portal at Haapsalu

What is the relationship between the city and the countryside inside you?

In the countryside, a person lives in a natural environment, in contact with nature, the change of seasons, the end and beginning of the day, i.e. natural light. For me, life in the countryside means privacy. Of course, the beauty of nature. Peace of mind. The city is mostly an empty shell. People, of course, think that the city has a culture. I agree, but it is often confused with entertainment and the need for attention. Life is more honest in the countryside. People are not alone, even though the distances are greater.
Photos: Hele-Mai AlamaaMake-up/hair: Reet HärmatJewellery, headwear: Tanel VeenreCostumes: Aldo Järvsoo, Tanel VeenrePhotography location: Muhumaa

You have created a fairy tale garden in your Saaremaa home - lushy, sloppy, colorful and full of flowers. What does being with flowers give you?

The garden and designing the living environment are my creative self-expression. Lifestyle too. I have studied art since elementary school. I have also noticed and loved flowers since I was a little girl. The presence of flowers is a vital beauty and inspiration to me. Observing them has also brought me to photography and floristry. Taught to notice nature. Flowers have great influence. They can be used to impress and create emotions. By giving flowers, we give emotions, which are the material of memories. Who and what is important to us in life? Who are those with whom we create shared memories? I have the ability to help people create emotions and shape their living environment.
In the photo, the madonnaly beautiful Kertu wears a silk kaftan and scarf from the clothing creation of Tanel Veenre and jewelry from the Hippo Couture collection

What are you dreaming about right now?

Maybe when I dream I forget who I am, but I have thought that there has been love and misunderstanding in my life. I have been able to experience love where I was held. It was the peace of mind that carried me. But it was taken away from me. I believe that God still has good plans for me. 🙂
Kertu wearing Tanel's creation - a gray silk caftan and Mini Snowberries

What do you expect from Santa Claus?

I wish there was more beauty around us, love, valuing and caring for each other in the world. I understand that expressing myself in this way may sound simple-minded, but I am a dreamer. And if you take Santa Claus, who personifies the new year of wish fulfilment, one wish-thought has matured in me: an adventure that inspires and carries me.
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