Our Muse – Always Positive Kersti

Every big woman has the right to shine!

Our kaftan dresses are suitable for different body types, and thus it was suddenly necessary to find models who are not usually on the soul list of agencies. So Tanel made an invitation on social media, as a result of which Kersti finally ended up in front of our camera. Kerst’s positive and direct attitude perfectly matched Tanel’s vision of a fierce and fearless woman.
“I was happy to discover that many silk kaftans from my first collection presented at the Kuldnõel gala in autumn 2019 found their way into plus-size women’s wardrobes. That’s how I found a new world and saw how few bigger women actually had the opportunity to find an original and bold design that would allow them to feel free and dignified at the same time. Small details also came into play, for example, it is important for women to cover their arms, the fall of the fabric, etc. But thanks to kaftans, life has brought me together with many fantastically beautiful plus-size women, and I’ve made it a point to encourage larger women to be bolder in their fashion choices. And, of course, to also wear large jewellery that looks especially good in proportion to the body!” – Tanel Veenre
Kersti, taking pictures of you was a pure pleasure – you are there, you smile infectiously, you never owe an answer. 🙂 Tell me, where does your confidence come from?
It has developed over the years. I lived in Denmark for a long time and during that time I learned to know, accept and love myself and I think that is the key. Of course, I also have moments where I doubt myself, but they usually pass rather quickly.
Please describe your style? How do you make your choices? Bring out some favorites.
I would say that my style is quite casual. I love comfort, but it doesn’t have to mean just tracksuits or leggings. It is better to know what to emphasize about your body so that the attention is in the right places. This is where the right accessories come to the rescue! I like wearing dresses and baggy pants. One of my big favourites is a pair of knee-length black wide pants, which can be combined to get a result for any situation. In general, I like clothing items that can be worn on formal occasions as well as just going on a picnic.
How many restrictions do your voluminous measurements set for you?
Actually, quite a lot in Estonia, because in addition to my volume, I’m also tall. It does not fit into the standard either one way or the other. So, in Estonia, I go to Paavli, Humana, Kilomax, etc. a lot. That’s how I find most of my favourite clothes. I also shop a lot abroad. Before COVID by travelling, now rather online.
What clothes / accessories would you never wear?
I don’t feel comfortable in clothes that are too tight. Even though I wore a dress like this a few times when I was pregnant. From the accessories spot… hmmm, this fisherman hat trend still reminds me of my childhood. 🙂
Please tell us a little about your background – what makes you most happy in life?
I am 34 years old, currently at home with a child, otherwise a project manager. Right now, my biggest source of joy is my 1-year-old daughter and my husband. And of course, I like to travel, both in Estonia and abroad! Thanks to my work, I have been able to go abroad quite a lot, and now I had a good opportunity to travel around Estonia! And if you can’t travel, it’s nice to let your thoughts wander with the help of a good book. In addition, photography as a hobby is also a joy. 🙂
Please share one summer plan – what you dream of making come true this summer. 🙂
I would like to go to Hiiumaa this summer, I haven’t been there in many years. Hiiumaa, in addition to Võsu, is one of my favourite places in Estonia.
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