Our Muse – Graceful Anne Mari

Taking pictures of you is fun – although both of our shooting days were long and tiring, you were never complaining or tired. At every moment it felt that you are giving your maximum, you were well aware of our expectations and at the same time your best angles and strengths. How do you stay alert when taking pictures? What do you think of?
It’s easy because I enjoy every moment of this job! I am excited to collaborate with talented artists, designers, photographers and everyone else involved in the creative process. Creating together ignites and inspires me. I don’t pay attention to the length of the day in this job if I can contribute to the birth of artists’ creations and be a part of it. I always try to give my best, I don’t want to go below the bar, I try to be helpful and responsive and polite.
How did you get into modeling?
I have been modelling for 3 years now. I ended up being often stopped on the street by various agents to become a model. At first, I was very sceptical, but then I decided to give it a try. I chose an agency, went there, and it turned out that the photo shoot for the magazine was arranged with me for the very next day. New opportunities kept opening up and since then I have done very interesting jobs.
Describe your style – how do you make decisions? What do you have most in your wardrobe?
My style description would be “smart-casual”. I wear quite a lot of dark shades and for some reason, black always dominates my wardrobe. Most of all there are sweaters with a high neck. You can go anywhere wearing them – they are ideal in our climate, they are suitable for daytime activities, but at the same time, they can also be worn on festive occasions with simple details (for example with some beautiful Tanel necklaces/earrings or a jacket). A sweater like this goes with both a skirt and pants, although I have to say that I’m more of a pants wearer myself. I have also been an experimenter with clothes. For example, back in time I liked wearing dad’s big T-shirts over school pants, or to add a high-necked sweater or tank top to a particularly loose-fitting men’s T-shirt that I only fasten the top button. And I’ve cut off the tips of all my gloves (much to annoy my mother), but it’s just more comfortable that way. Then, for example, you don’t have to take off your gloves all the time when making a phone call, and it also looks good.
Is there an accessory / item of clothing that you would not wear under any circumstances?
There are still things that are not “mine”, such as a certain type of puffer jacket. Somehow they don’t sit right at all. The mini skirt is not on my list either, nor are latex and animal patterns.
You are currently studying in the last grade at VHK. Soon there will be a turning point in your life where the whole world is in front of you – where do you aim to head?
Yes, I’m really finishing VHK theatre class right now. I’m one of those who is swimming somewhere in the dim fog and doesn’t even know exactly where to go next. But I have pondered and considered law or economics. It speaks to me at the moment. However, biotechnology also seems exciting. In two words – I’m searching.
Share one summer dream you have.
I would like to go on a road trip with my friends in the summer. Spend the night at beaches or parks, and visit museums and concerts. Will see, if COVID allows it or not. I try to take everything I can from the summer!
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