Our Muse – Always Shining Angela

Angela caught our eye on Instagram, with her bright state and bold colours. We asked Angela to play with Tanel and Aldo’s fresh collections, mixing them with her wardrobe favorites. Because the most important thing is, how the creation meets real life, and thus each client becomes a stylist with his or her original vision. 🙂
Angela, please describe your style and fashion choices? How did you find your style?
My style is eye-catching and flashy. I like to shock and be different, sometimes over-dressing. It can be said that in my case the saying “More is more” is very appropriate. 😀 I have always liked colourful and bright things. They match my character and energy. I like to create contrasts and play with styles, shapes and colours. Mix the so-called beautiful and ugly, widespread and tight, masculine and feminine. Luckily, the fashion at the moment is such that it is okay to wear heels with sweatpants and sneakers with a dress. It’s cool, but not suitable for everyone. As I follow many fashion brands and magazines on social media, new trends are constantly presented to me. And what I like the most, I buy and then mix it with my own wardrobe. My style is one of my ways of self-expression.
What role does jewellery play in your style?
I love jewellery, magpie as I am. Jewellery is so easy to add extra spice to your look. At the moment, I especially like earrings and rings. Some time ago, I piled up all kinds of big necklaces at home.
Who are your style icons?
I would say there are a lot of acute influencers on social media who are somewhat style icons. But to bring someone out, Victoria Beckham is a very stylish woman.
What is your relationship with colours? What colours do you love, and what are you afraid of?
Colours are my favourites, everything and the more the prouder! Any colour can be cool and I’m not afraid of any.
What would you never wear? What style is completely unacceptable to you?
Never say never! Although there is probably something I would not wear, I do not remember at the moment. However, I like to put together pieces of different styles.
Describe one of your dream days this summer. 🙂
Nice warm weather. Wake up to the smells of breakfast. You drive to Võsu beach, sunbathe and swim. You’re going to have lunch at the beach restaurant. After lunch a small sea strip and back to Tallinn. You will make yourself beautiful in the evening and invite your friends to a barbecue party. As usual, everyone brings something good and an evening full of good company and mood has been created.
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