Fresh Snowberries

Before the end of the year, Tanel Veenre’s collection of Earberries received a worthy addition. The most requested colour has finally been added to the rainbow of Earberries, which Tanel has been waiting 7 years to make – natural white Snowberries.

These Earberries are minimalistic in nature, clean and delicate, yet eye-catching despite their snowflake lightness. Countless possibilities await the wearer on how to match Snowberries with different clothing and hairstyles. Regardless of the season, they can be combined with both black tones and colours and can be worn both every day and when stepping in front of the altar. 😉

You can familiarize yourself with the Snowberries that have been added to the “Earberries” genuine series and purchase them in our e-shop and representative store at Roosikrantsi 15, Tallinn.

The very first pairs of Earberries were actually born already six years ago when they appeared at the presentation of the fashion collection from Aldo Järvsoo at Kultuurikatla. Aldo’s cosmic “Aurora Borealis” just needed a white accent, but Tanel didn’t want to make them into a product for fear of staining the jewellery when wearing it. Today, the technology of colouring berries has improved enough and they can also be washed, and the right time to add a little light seed is right now, in the confused and dim November of 2021. However, please keep the berries from coming into contact with body chemistry (creams, oils, perfumes) – they can melt the colour layer, which would otherwise remain unchanged for years.

A pair of berries still crept into a life that time when Tanel’s style-icon friend Aljona Eesmaa asked for them. Her wardrobe is rather achromatic and her approach to style is crisp and minimalistic, which is why Snowberries especially caught her eye on stage. That’s why she turned to Tanel with her request immediately after the performance, who resisted at first, but in the end, a single pair of Snowberries was born, which Aljona blessed during her American road trip.

Aljona recalls: “Since I have been the sole owner of white Earberries for many years now, I have really kept this pair and only wear them on very special occasions or festive occasions. For example, they graced me on my first tour of the US, where the jewellery was captured right in Hollywood, and I also wore them during the spectacular ‘Mineralia’ fashion show this summer. I have many, many other Tanel’s earrings, but these white ones have something special for me – so I’m very happy that others can finally be part of this magic.”

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