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Birth story of the creation and event

Aldo cosmic high fashion and Taneli TITAN jewellery series
On August 14. 2021, the latest series of fashion, jewellery and accessories by Aldo and Tanel will be presented in Haapsalu, which common denominator is futurism and geometry. In clearly cut silhouettes, pixelated patterns and electric tones, passengers have gathered on Estonia’s longest platform to set off.
Taking pictures of the collection in front of our Roosikrantsi studio shop
Aldo: “While walking in Haapsalu again one weekend, the idea came up – why not arrange a fashion show somewhere other than Tallinn, why not invite guests to our favourite city and organize a show on the platform of the Railway Museum. The longest platform in Estonia, which has welcomed the aristocrats of tsarist Russia and has not lost its beauty in time. It is like made for a fashion show. 🙂 Due to the pandemic that has taken over the world, I have had a long break in my fashion creation and it is nice to finally create again! This time, the first thing I did was pick up the colours that inspired me, and then looked for the shapes I want to sew. How the whole creation comes together,  I can only see at the show. I decided to take everything as easy as I can this time – fashion should be free and inspiring! ”
Tanel’s silk seahorse pants with Aldo’s chrysanthemum neoprene jacket: “I have an inner urge to do something big from time to time, to tighten my muscles to the last limit. A year ago in August, there was a show ‘Mineralia’, which was originally supposed to be with Aldo… Life had other plans then and we will now make a new test in Haapsalu. 🙂 ”
Tanel’s caftans and hat on the innocently beautiful Hanna (EMA)
Tanel: “I’m immersed in the world of hat making… Once in my youth, I even had an opportunity to take a hat-making course in Central St Martins, London, thanks to the Supernova Grand Prix. I have now restored these skills with the help of Youtube tutorials, and every day in my old town studio, a witch-boiler steams in which I cook my hats. ”
Creative chaos in Tanel’s studio, where in addition to jewellery, the show’s headgear is also completed
Show meeting in Haapsalu Kursaal
The show organizer Janne Klooren at the platform
Aldo: “We always spend the summer with our family in Haapsalu, where there are architectural gems (Promenade, Railway Museum, etc.), mega good restaurants (Gallia Kukk, Kuursaal, Kärme Külik, Dietrich, etc.) and a pleasant resort atmosphere – maybe someday it will rain in Haapsalu or someday poor food is offered – but I haven’t experienced it yet! ”
Due to restrictions on public events, guests are required to present a vaccination passport. We also offer everyone the opportunity for a quick on-site test next to the entrance of the Haapsalu Railway Station gallery until the start of the show 😉
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