Our Muse – Angel-like Ingrid

No angle has been invented under which Ingrid could look ugly, she radiates a timeless, harmonious beauty. Tanel has done several awesome photoshoots with Ingrid, and now she was also one of the muses of the Wonderland room theatre.

Ingrid wearing Tanel's jewellery and Aldo's dress
MUAH: Marii Lotta, Photo: Julia Shashkina

As an actor, you are your own tool. How do you separate yourself as an actor and as a person?

If the energy between the audience and the actors subsides at the end of the performance, you can calmly leave the role behind and come out of it as a person. When the shooting day becomes the evening, the costume and make-up are taken off and everyday clothes are put on, I have become an actor again. The best way to say goodbye to a role is to go swimming, the water cleanses and completely resets.

But every time we close the home door behind us and enter the so-called public space, we step into a role. Something that we often perform without realizing it, because it has become such a natural part of us. I think it is much more difficult to get out of this public role. Be yourself without a protective mask.

Ingrid wearing Tanel's jewellery and Aldo's dress
MUAH: Marii Lotta, Photo: Julia Shashkina

What is the difference between being on stage and in front of the camera for you?

It is similar to asking what is the difference between theatre and film. Working with a camera in a film or photo session is much more intimate. All the truth lies in the eyes, they say so much. Less is more.

Ingrid at the Heartfelt collection photoshoot

You have a timeless beauty that has captivated many photographers and designers. What would be different in your life if the creator had not been so kind to you?

Sympathy and beauty open many doors, but it also has their dark side, which is rarely discussed. What happens when the outer glow fades? I hope that then it will be easier to get to the core because the outer will no longer require so much attention.

Ingrid and Neffi collection
MUAH: Marii Lotta, Photo: Julia Shashkina

What role does style play in your life?

I have developed my own style and I wear what suits me and makes me happy. Feminine dresses, flowy fabrics and vintage store gems are my big weakness. Fashion comes and goes, and style stays.

Presentation of Tanel's Sun King collection - a theatrical salon evening
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