How To Take Care Of Titan Jewellery

Titanium, with the symbol Ti, is an element like gold, silver and platinum. By nature, titanium is a metal with a silvery lustre and the highest strength-to-weight ratio. Due to its inertness, it is completely resistant to corrosion and does not react to salt water, sunlight or other body chemicals.

Titanium is extremely strong and has the highest durability compared to other conventional metals. Unlike gold, silver and platinum, it does not scratch so easily thanks to its properties. It is also extremely light, which makes it convenient to wear it in the form of jewellery.

Due to its hypoallergenic properties, titanium is the most influential metal for everyday wear by people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Naturally, titanium occurs in nature in a silver-grey form. When heat or electricity is applied, its refractive properties manifest by creating oxides of different thicknesses on the material’s surface. The resulting titanium oxide creates a similar spectacle when oil comes into contact with water, or like looking at a peacock feather – a playful colour show. This process is called anodizing.

Titanium is a series of metals that can be anodized in various colours by electrolysis or heat treatment. Unfortunately, this surface treatment is not permanent. Anodizing is an oxidation layer on the metal, so the colour is more of an optical illusion. When exposed to friction or natural acidity, it can wear off the oxidized layer, which is not dangerous to the skin but is characteristic of anodizing.

Micro-Fix company's machines that were used to make the TITAN collection

Anodizing wear depends on the extent of exposure. One trick to prevent this is to paint over the parts that come into contact with surfaces or skin with clear nail polish.

Titanium itself does not change colour or shape. However, it should be remembered that painted surfaces are not scratch-proof.

As with any other precious metal, we want to keep our jewellery durable and last as long as possible. It is worth remembering that titanium jewellery should be kept away from strong chemicals, make-up, body care products and sweat.

Tips for cleaning jewellery:
Use a soft cloth to remove the dirt accumulated at the end of the day, which can damage the surface of the jewellery. It is most effective to clean anodized titanium with warm soapy water and a soft towel.

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