About Silk Care

Silk - your second skin

Silk is valued for its lightness and beauty. This year we made wonderful silk products, which fabrics are printed especially for our collections in Great Britain. Wearing them is divine – what an ease! – but they need care as well as any other delicately beautiful thing.
But how to store and take care of your silk gems to achieve maximum wearing life and beauty?
How to wear silk? It is most comfortable to wear silk on a clean body, where it gently caresses every part of your body. Our silk pyjamas, kaftans and dresses are created to make you feel like a goddess, both in the bedroom and by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.
Storage? We recommend keeping your silk clothes on the hanger. This way it does not wrinkle and retains its beautiful shape.
How to wash silk products? Dyed silk should only be dry-cleaned, as hand washing can remove paint from the clothing.
Ironing/steaming? Products that require ironing should be ironed on the wrong side of the cloth, at a low temperature. Using high heat, the fibres come off the paint and burn.

Reminder: The silk product is best preserved by dry cleaning Clean up immediately on contact with sweat or dirt Perfumes and deodorants can stain the silk Do not use a dryer / do not tumble the products Always wear it if you want to feel extra special! 😉

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