Unique Silk Dress

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One of a kind piece!

Collection: Kiir
Material: 100% silk
Length: 150 cm

Model’s height: 177 cm
Heels: 15 cm

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Tanel Veenre’s fashion collection KIIR was born from the designer’s passion for Estonian folk clothes. The collection stands out with its bold play of colours and stripes, which have always been characteristic of Estonian folk clothes. Robes with different colour combos and super comfortable cuts are the perfect folk clothes for the city person, beautifying the wearer of every body type. Unique fabrics are designed by Tanel Veenre, printed in England for maximum print quality and colour brilliance. The collection includes silk kaftans, dresses, onepieces and kimonos.








beige, bronze, brown

Silk Care

  • Dry cleaning only. Hand washing can remove the colour from the garment.
  • In case of contact with sweat or dirt, clean immediately.
  • Perfumes and deodorants can leave stains on silk.
  • Colours with higher pigment content on silk fabric may give colour when in contact with water.
  • Do not use a dryer. Do not tumble the products.
  • The silk needs to be ironed on the wrong side of the cloth at low temperatures. Under the influence of high heat, the fibre loses its colour and burns.
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