Icy Green Comet Tassels


Collection: Comet
Material: ice silk, magnet
Length: 8 cm
Weight: 3,2 g

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The Comet series offers a lot of colours and playfulness, including 11 different shades of berry and 37 tassels. This gives you the opportunity to find your favourite of the 407 colour combos. The selected Comet tassels can be matched with several pairs of Comet earrings or pendants, to give them a fresh look at any time depending on your mood! We recommend that you buy several pairs of tassels so you can mix and match. All wooden berry earrings and pendants are painted in Tanel Veenre’s studio in Tallinn and the silver details are made of ethical material from Estonia. If the Comet tassels wrinkle, you can straighten them with a damp hand and leave them to dry.



Tassel Color

Icy Green

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