Tanel Veenre “Handful”


Tanel Veenre’s author’s book “Handful” goes deep into the beauty and pain of being an artist (2015).

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In the 264-page book, thoughts and pictures, jewellery and inspiration meet in a somewhat arbitrary connection, behind which one can sense the artist’s primal urge to understand himself and the world around him better. The best friend and medium on this path is the artist’s understanding, empathy, open heart and hands, with whom one feels, learns and discovers together. For Tanel Veenre, creation is an existential inevitability, a source of endless doubts and a great, pure joy. The theme running through the book is meeting one’s own doubts.

“One of my greatest fears is to understand what is important and what is not, what is true and what is false. But as long as I am not given this knowledge, everything is allowed to be reflected in everything: as an ambivalent and limitless understanding. I believe that it is in contradictions that flashes the truth in the most genuine way, or rather – it gives you the opportunity to perceive from different angles. Don’t touch the elephant in the dark room. So let me also speak against myself, talk about the tail and the elephant at the same time.” – Tanel Veenre

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