Vladislav Djatšuk’s colourful menu on our seahorse porcelain

One sunny morning, Tanel went to visit the legendary chef Vladislav “Vlad” Djatšhuk, whose kingdom is Mon Repos. Apart from that, he also rules the pop restaurant Päris, and the French Orangerie. Vlad’s challenge was to create a colourful menu for our seahorse porcelain. This series of food pictures was born in the tower of the Mon Repos restaurant with a view of the wonderful Kadriorg Park, which is the most romantic opportunity in Estonia to enjoy a food experience for just two 🙂

Vlad, you are one of the most successful chefs and restaurant owners in Estonia. How did you find your way into the world of gourmet food and restaurants?

It’s hard to say in short, but my path has been relatively simple. I started working as a cook when I was 16 years old. My mentors were world chefs like René Redzepi (Noma) and Rasmus Kofoed (Geranium). I’ve participated in many competitions, including the Bocuse d’Or Olympic competition of the culinary world. I have prepared dishes for the world’s most famous stars and politicians, including Michael Jackson, DJ Tiesto, Lennart Meri and Hillary Clinton.

Roasted scallop with orange, cauliflower and hollandaise sauce

What are the food garnish trends today? How have they changed over time?

Among the trends at the moment, we can definitely mention organic raw food. In general, trends come and go, and I personally think that the best trend over the years is delicious food. I rather believe in simple and understandable food!

Appetiser - chips with trout berry and horseradish sour cream

How do you choose plates on which to present your dishes?

The plate should help the food look beautiful, and highlight it. It is crucial that the plate and the dish are balanced, and the comfort of the plate is also very important – you have to be able to eat comfortably 😉

Grilled octopus with sweet potatoes, Kalamata olives, baked cherry tomatoes and tuna sauce

What is your relationship with colours? When creating a menu, how much do you consider the display of food - the colour, pattern or shape of the dishes and the harmony of the food?

Different colours and plates are suitable for different foods, events and people. I don’t set limits for myself, I always try to inspire and experiment with different dishes.

Green salad with marinated pumpkin, capers and horseradish cream

Do you have any tips for people how to give a home-cooked dish a restaurant touch?

It’s worth remembering that the plate should help the food look appetising, but it’s important not to overdo it with the plate! Delicious food is easy to serve on any plate. Main ingredients such as meat or fish are always served last so that you can still see what the dish is about. You should put a little sauce on the plate, it can always be served as a side dish. A sauce served on the side of a plate or as a side dish always looks more gastronomic.

Cod fillet with browned butter, romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing and black truffle

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Colourful food experiences! 🙂

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