The backstage of the KIIR show

At the first presentation of the KIIR collection, bright-eyed models floated in Tanel’s ethno silk, who before the start of the show received make-up from The Bodyshop team and hairstyles by the AP Education team in the creative chaos of the back room.

“For me, the most important thing is the story – I don’t read things so much as situations. So, for the first time in my life, I tried to get the collection ready early enough so that I could focus only on the stylistics in the last month – making more special headgear, masks, jewellery… even socks!” – Tanel Veenre

Since everything else was stylistically abundant, in terms of makeup, Tanel decided to emphasise the girls’ natural beauty, which The Bodyshop makeup team helped to bring out. The key words were freshly flushed cheeks, as if you had just arrived from a walk by the sea, lush eyelashes framing your eyes.

Reet and Loore with models Äli and Kristin.

Applause and heartfelt thanks to our irreplaceable makeup team, who executed Tanel’s vision perfectly.

Thank you The Bodyshop, Reet Härmat and Loore Härmat!

The inspiration for the hairstyles and hats came from Tanel Vormsi folk clothes.

The Aili Puss team worked hard to make everyone wear braids with silk ribbons woven into them. The hairstyles were made with Oribe products.

Oribe Supershine Light moisturizing cream is good for summer braiding.
Oribe Superhine Strong varnish is a strong varnish that fixes the hairstyle to the maximum result.

A deep bow to the entire Aili Puss team, who are not just hairstylists, but are always at backstage with clips in their mouths and combs in their hands ready to strike until the last second. An absolutely irreplaceable and rare team.

Thank you Aili, Sirli, Külliki and Katri!

One last selfie and the show can begin 😉

Photos: Kalev Lilleorg, Kati Viikmaa
Models: AL Model Management ja E.M.A Model Management
Make-up: The Bodyshop – Reet Härmat, Loore Härmat
Hairstyle: AP Educations – Aili, Sirli, Külliki, Katri

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