Tanel’s Colour Academy: Pink

In our first colour academy post, we are going more deeply into the colour pink, which is currently the hottest colour in the world due to Barbie. Pink is a colour name that includes all kinds of mixtures of white and red. Pink is not a spectrum colour, but the shade of pink can be counted among the shades of red. The explanatory dictionary of the Estonian language also defines the pink colour as the pale red colour of the rosehip flower. Like all colours, pink is very versatile, the word itself evokes many different images and concepts – romance, flowers, femininity, Barbie, breast cancer, etc.

Pink - women's or men's colour?

Pink was first used as a colour name in the late 17th century. Pink is most often associated with sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and romance. Pink is primarily recognised as a feminine colour in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. It is for this reason that this colour is used as a universal symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

Although in the 21st-century pink is considered more of a symbol of femininity, this has not always been the case – already in the middle of the 18th century, pink was a fashionable colour among male and female aristocrats as a symbol of class and luxury. In the 1920s, pink was considered a colour that reflected masculinity. This is because of its red mother colour, which is fiery, active and aggressive. In Japan, for example, pink has a masculine association to this day – pink cherry blossoms are said to represent fallen Japanese warriors.

1920s men's suit

Photo: mensitaly.com

The Scale of LoveJean-Antoine Watteau (1684–1721)The National Gallery, London

Photo: artuk.org

1920s boy suit

Photo: collections.vam.ac.uk

How do we perceive the colour pink?

Bright and warm pinks like fuchsia or magenta are youthful and inspire confidence. These pinks are passionate and almost sensual, conveying similar energy as red. In addition, it is said that these pinks can motivate action and stimulate creative thoughts. However, restrained and muted pinks tell a different story – they are friendly and represent the carefree days of childhood. Peaceful pink is commonly used in design in female-oriented branches such as wedding planning, dressing, and baking.

Reet Härmat and Anu Saagim in Tanel's pink silk costume

What to match the colour pink with?

Wearing pink and matching it with an outfit can be a challenge for some, although pink actually goes well with many colours, such as:

  • By wearing pink with cool dark and dark red tones, the result is subtle and safe.
  • Add shades of grey to the pink to highlight the elegance.
  • Pink softened with beige gives an extra professional look.
  • The traditional combination of white and pink looks fresh and crisp.
  • For an elegantly rich look, add a silver or gold accent to the pink.
  • Green and pink are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, so they go perfectly together, especially if the tones have the same shade.

It would also be good to know which shade of pink matches your skin tone best. In general, if the skin has pink undertones, the skin tone is cool, and thus colours with cool undertones are best suited. If your skin has golden or apricot undertones, your skin tone is warm, in which case colours with warmer undertones are better.

If pink still seems too bright for you to wear its coloured clothes, then use it only as an accent colour by adding pink accessories to the outfit. It’s also worth remembering that fashion isn’t as much fun without breaking a few rules 😉

Our Muse Meisi's combination of pink and green
Our Muse Mari-Liis in a soft hydrangea pink embrace

Why does Tanel love pink?

“I really have something pink in every collection, either a cool blush tone or a warmer peach. It seems to me that if it’s not really burning fuchsia, then pink is pleasantly delicate and bold at the same time. You can slyly slip into the red bench or the white field.” – Tanel Veenre

Flaming pink in Tanel's Mirage collection

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