Tanel Veenre’s new jewellery series “Pearl Moon”

The elegant and mystical pearl collection “Pearl Moon” has been added to Tanel Veenre’s jewellery series, where silver seashell-shaped pendants add sparkle to classically luminous pearl necklaces.

Pearls are valued as jewellery, and their birth story is interesting – when a small grain (e.g. sand) gets into the pearl shell, the mollusc starts to grow layers of nacre around it. In this way, a hard and uniquely shining round ball is created step by step. The pearl, as a precious tear of the sea, carries the meaning of wisdom, good luck and prosperity thanks to its unique history and properties.

“I planned for a long time to do something with pearls, remove the colours and focus on a pure classic form. It was a big surprise for me when pearls became a complete fashion hit this summer, and of course, the MET gala dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld was full of pearls. I hit the nail on the head by accident 😉 The biggest challenge was finding good quality pearls that would also be acceptable in terms of price. We wouldn’t offer any kind of pearly plastic!” – Tanel Veenre

The pearls of the “Pearl Moon” series are AAA+ (high quality but with small irregularities) natural freshwater pearls. The jewellery series includes earrings in two special tones, bracelets, and necklaces in four tones, with a removable seashell pendant that can be attached with a click. The silver details are 3D printed in Estonia from ethical silver.

For the first time, Tanel Veenre’s new jewellery series could be seen at the “Trinity” fashion show on May 10, where the jewellery added pearly beauty to Aldo Järvsoo’s fresh creations. The superstar of the show at Tallinn’s cruise port was the evening light streaming through the glass walls onto the models. The collections of Aldo Järvsoo, Ketlin Bachmann and Riina Põldroos glided on a record-long catwalk in this golden light fluid. A magical evening to remember!

The summer hit, beige, is the perfect companion for both champagne and lilac-toned pearls

Aldo Järvsoo’s collection had two themes – minimalistic black velvet with bold cuts and romantic princesses made of pastel tulle. It gave opportunities to show how adaptable and playful classic pearls are, matching both unabashed sexiness and sophisticated solemnity. There is no look that pearls cannot beautify! Natural pearls of proper quality do not fade over time, they add shine to the wearer’s jewellery box regardless of the trends.

Black and white - a combo that you can't go wrong with
Fashion colour lavender with gold and champagne pearls and our unexpected eye-catcher black pearls
Footage from behind the scenes of the fashion show "Trinity"

Models: EMA MAHA
Hair: AP Education
Makeup: Katrin Sangla (Max Factor)
Photos: Tanel Veenre, Kati Viikmaa
Dresses: Aldo Järvsoo

The beauty of “Pearl Moon” pearls can be purchased from our e-store and also from Roosikrantsi 15, Tallinn studio store. If you have decided to add pearls to your jewellery box, we recommend paying attention to their care. Pearls should be kept away from other jewellery, such as rings or bracelets, to prevent them from being scratched. They are best stored in a soft fabric pouch or soft-lined jewellery box. Be sure to avoid pearls coming into contact with chemicals, and if dirt gets on the jewellery, clean it with a soft, damp cloth.

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