Tanel Veenre’s new jewellery series in Lisbon

On March 25, 2023, the exhibition “Beyond Borders” by Estonian and Portuguese jewellery artists Tanel Veenre and Teresa Milheiro was opened at Galeria Reverso in Lisbon.

Reverso is one of Europe’s best-known and oldest contemporary jewellery galleries, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Like many other galleries, Reverso started with the enthusiasm of the talented artist Paula Crespo, who decided to introduce contemporary jewellery to the Portuguese audience. This is the second time for Tanel to show his creations at the Reverso gallery, the collaboration started in 2015 with the exhibition of the jewellery art group õhuLoss. The gallery decided to celebrate the jubilee year with a series of exhibitions when two of the gallery’s artists open their double solo exhibitions on the 25th of each month. Tanel’s dialogue partner is Portuguese jewellery world legend Teresa Milheiro, whose glass and steel jewellery industrialism blends exceptionally well with Tanel’s Hardwear series.

The exhibition features a series of geometrically shimmering ear jewellery, a selection of clearly shaped bracelets and two masks. All made from recycled aluminum.

“Since my solo exhibition schedule is particularly tight this spring – in parallel, I have to come up with three different exhibitions to be shown in Estonia, Portugal and the USA – so I decided to push the pedal of my Bolt Hardwear project for Lisbon. I wanted to create something light and pop-artistically carefree. So we continued to rebel with Bolt scooters in my Tallinn’s old town studio.” – Tanel Veenre

Bolt Hardwear's unique ear jewellery is enhanced by specially cut stones.
Muse Ashley with earrings and bracelet from Tanel's exhibition.
For Tanel, creating such mechanical and kinetic (the shape can be changed!) bracelets was the first such experience.
Teresa Milheiro glass and steel cool bracelets.

The exhibition is open until April 21, 2023 🙂

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