Our Muses – Shining Friends Halina and Eva

As part of Valentine’s Day, we were looking for outstanding friends who would introduce their world of friendship, fashion and jewellery a little. Halina with her shiny pink hair caught our eye, and she happily agreed to share a piece of her story with her friend Eva 🙂

What is your story?

Eva: Our friendship started rather unexpectedly and has remained very strong regardless of where we have been in the world at the moment. In 15 (or how many years exactly, maybe more?) years, there have been all kinds of less and more spontaneous adventures. One thing is certain if you need to go scouting, Halina is a sure companion for that.

Halina: We met when we worked together in the same company. It was Eva’s birthday and to celebrate it, it seemed like a good idea to go to Tallinn Zoo’s night orientation. Regardless of the fact that we didn’t have a headlamp 😀 It was a very nice adventure and it was the beginning of our greater friendship.

After that, we have travelled a lot together. For example, we have gone on a 10-week trip to India with the Archimedes program and also backpacked in Australia.

How would you describe your friend's style? How have you influenced each other's style?

Eva: Halina’s style is always surprising, thanks to that my style has definitely become a little more punk. Everything doesn’t have to be boring, Halina’s sense of style is timeless in this regard.

Halina: I think Eva’s style is classic – feminine dresses, heels, red lips. Eva is always beautiful and feminine, and rather a power woman and at the same time a bit of a punk.

Which one has more clothes? Do you also lend/exchange jewellery and clothes?

Eva: Halina probably has more. So many events have been solved thanks to the fact that I have been borrowing from Halina’s closet. On the other hand, it is not a matter of quantity, how good and classic clothes fulfil their role for a long time.

Halina: Today I would think the opposite, in the last couple of years I have been very careful about reselling or giving away my clothes. It just started during Covid when we were all in the home office and you basically only wear two dresses to your work calls and don’t go out anywhere. One moment you look at your wardrobe and think why do I have so many things? Since then, I’ve started downsizing, either by reselling or giving away. And not only with clothes, but also with things in the household. If you haven’t worn anything in a year, time to go.

Who could be your girlfriend's style icons?

Eva: This is a very tricky question. Halina herself is iconic in her style. Always recognizable and outstanding.

Halina: Oh, it’s so difficult to say. When I look at classic style icons, Eva would be like Grace Kelly – always dressed up and in heels, with classic silver jewellery or pearls.

What colour suits your girlfriend best?

Eva: She can wear any colour. But green is the first colour that pops up when thinking about her. We both love black equally.

Halina: It’s normal that all my friends think I can wear all the colours. In fact, I’m quite sensitive to colour 😀 But there are definitely shades that I like to wear – for example, green, and light purple… sometimes even pink is okay, then it creates a whole with my pink hair, but I rarely do it.

Any colour will definitely suit Eva, but classic red is especially good!

What does jewellery mean to you? Does your jewellery have a story?

Eva: When it comes to jewellery, we’re pretty much on the same page, we’ve always respected them. Silver rather than gold. There are no other limits. Over the years, we have also given each other some jewellery. Giving jewellery as a gift is a sensitive topic, but if you know the person well, you can’t miss it.

Halina: Jewellery is important to both of us, and we are both fans of silver. Much of Eva’s jewellery is from Estonian designers, and most of them are classic silver jewellery. Silver suits me as well, but I also like more colourful jewellery – for example, Tanel Veenre’s green earrings. I wear them very often and I bought them from the second round store called Riisaikel. Just couldn’t leave them there!

We also have jewellery in the story of our friendship. We were at a jewellery market in India and it seemed logical to give each other rings as a present.

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