Make-up and hairstyle tips from Wonderland

For the first time in his life, Tanel decided to do a show where the models had completely different makeup. Thus, types and personalities appeared in front of the audience rather than a goose row of creatures painted as identically as possible. In the performance, each muse shone in her/his own character, and makeup played a key role there.

The make-up for this show was done by Katrin Sangla, the absolute top make-up artist in Estonia, using the best products from the Tradehouse Ilukaubamaja selection.

Photos: Rene Lutterus

Katrin, please tell me a few sentences about some makeup. What was the focus and emphasis of these makeups? How did you play the whole thing?

When doing the make-up for Tanel Veenre’s performance, I based it on the ideas presented by the designer. The eyes were in focus, and I was inspired by the most modern trend in eye makeup at the moment – sirens eyes. Graphic liner lines are emphasized by extensions in the inner and outer corners of the eye. To complement the eyes, I added lipstick shades in deep autumn colours.

Katrin, your hat trick is era-conscious glamour. What draws you to such beauty?

I have always been fascinated by aesthetics and good taste in visuals. When a photo tells a story and fashion reflects character. More intrigue than practicality. Now, when the world moves only towards practicality, the former fashion theatre is a beautiful memory of a creation that reflected the creator’s imagination and was free from mundane boundaries.

Here, Katrin Sangla has used SUVA aqua black and white liner from Tradehouse and a specially designed brush. And of course, the effective false eyelashes sold at Tradehouse give the final touch.

Thanks to the Tradehouse beauty department store, which supported Tanel’s show with makeup and hairstyles!

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