How was the fairy-tale snack table prepared at Tanel’s garden party?

At the first presentation of Tanel’s ethno collection KIIR in Botik’s secret garden, among other things, guests were surprised with a stylish snack table, the main stars of which were Minna marmalades and Nopri cheeses. The idea of ​​the table was to make food and spring sound together, the yellow of cheese and the purple of lilac, with soft marmalades between them.

Work in progress - Tanel's team in action, the vision is to create a bright party table in spring colors, crowned by purple lilac flowers.
Our tableware allows you to unleash your creativity 😉 That's how the great floor platters were born.
And the amazing Nopri cheese... Fresh farm cheese straight to the party table!
Minna mild marmalade, the secret of which is simple - only pure berries and fruits.
Last touches...
... and the result - a fabulous snack table awaits guests 🙂

A special thanks to the family of Nopri farm and a deep bow to the masters of Minna marmalade, who helped to create the festive table. Cheese with marmalade is definitely a recommendation for this summer’s snack, which, unlike the classic cheese and jam combo, leaves the fingers clean, but whose flavour combination is so amazing that it’s hard not to take another bite 😉

Thanks also to Shishi, whose vases held carefully our spring lilacs!

Photos: Kalev Lilleorg
Cheese: Nopri talu
Marmelade: Minna Marmelaad
Vases: Shishi
Platters: Tanel Veenre Sun King portselan

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