First presentation of the KIIR collection

To celebrate the beauty and vitality of our folk culture, Tanel Veenre has embarked on a journey into the world of Estonian stripe patterns with the new collection “KIIR”. In the wild secret garden of the Botik garden bar, Tanel’s national romantic dream unfolded in front of the audience for the first time, where the patterns of Estonian folk clothing have found their way to airy silk. They are the ideal folk clothes of the 21st century, combining the pride of the past with today’s comfort and forward-looking freshness.

“I was a passionate fan of Estonian folk clothes until I was a teenager, for Tanel, who was around 5-7 years old, there was nothing more beautiful in the world. I had three black books of Estonian folk clothes leafed through like cabbage. I knew every last detail then, I had memorised Melanie Kaarma’s stunning illustrations square centimetre by square centimetre. I knew the stories of the clothes and the dates. And, of course, the Estonian dance festivals… they were crazy beauty experiences for a little boy.” – Tanel Veenre

The biggest inspiration for Tanel's childhood drawings were Estonian song and dance festivals. After this frenzy of colors and patterns, he was always at home for weeks on the floor with a pencil and drew everything he saw.


“I love the volume, it allows the silk to play with the air and the body. The sleeves of the dresses are boldly puffed, allowing the airy silk to fall hard. The cuts are very spacious. Instead of traditional embroidery, the soul animals of the Tanel Veenre brand are printed on the fabric: seahorses, beetles, and dragonflies. The colour ranges of the dress series I solved by focusing on one tone, avoiding contrasting contrasts and adding an imperial elegance.” – Tanel Veenre

Pantsuits and kimonos

“One-pieces are a completely new topic. Here, too, I was guided by comfort – the cuts are spacious and the stripes are rather in one tonality. But with a wide belt, these one-pieces become chic. The kimono has become my great favourite! A universal item of clothing that is suitable for both the bedroom and the ball.” – Tanel Veenre

Kaftans with a bat cut

“I love kaftans with a bat cut! A striper with the illusion of sun pleats will magically lose pounds and give the whole thing a bright look. Who doesn’t want to flap wings too much and wants to show the waist – then add a belt to it!” – Tanel Veenre

Most of the stripes in the collection do not follow the colour combos of folk clothes, they are Tanel’s vision, the pure joy of colour games. Since each item in the collection has a maximum of 3 pieces, mostly even just one – then these are personal folk clothes. By choosing a colour tone that makes your soul sing, you have found your very own folk costume 🙂

Deepest respect to the female chamber choir Sireen - the magic of your voice brought tears to so many eyes.
We would like to thank Geisha for their generous and friendly cooperation. Adding to the i-point with our pink raw silk dresses that blended perfectly into the Geisha world.

Photos: Kalev Lilleorg, Kati Viikmaa
Models: Äli, Isabel, Herdis (EMA), Kristin, Getter, Kathriin, Pia-Lotta, Lii Heleen (AL Models)
Make-up: Reet & Loore Härmat (The Bodi Shop & Margot)
Hairstyle: AP Educations – Aili, Sirli, Külliki, Katri

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