Raw Silk Dresses

Tanel Veenre’s Kingdom of Dreams has opened its gates to playful raw silk in the last month of this summer. Raw silk is a form of silk fabric with a delicate texture and characteristic random dots of natural colour. The fabric is warm and soft against the body, allowing the skin to breathe, which is why it is ideal for a dress with a comfortable, spacious cut and pockets. In Tanel’s new 100% raw silk dresses, it’s nice to lounge on the couch at home, meet friends in a cafe, stroll on the beach or make an impression at a meeting. 🙂

“I was haunted by the idea of ​​making something very spacious, everyday wear that would be suitable for every body type, but at the same time staying true to my love of colour. These silk dresses with a simple cut are like a kind of Earberries of the fashion world, suiting everyone and offering a bold choice of colours.”

“In the design of the patterns, I started from a flowing 3D form and the results are both abstract and at the same time reminiscent of nature.”

The 3D patterns were born in cooperation with Otto Antson. The designed fabrics are printed especially for this collection. The printed raw silk has been made by the best manufacturer in India and sewn into dresses in Räpina, Estonia.

The dresses have a small, stylish transparent tone-on-tone button at the back.
We tried to keep the cut of the dress minimalistic, so that it fits as many different body types as possible and let the colors and patterns shine.
On the left, crêpe de Chine (crepechein or Chinese crepe), which we use in our kaftans. On the right, the raw silk of the new dresses.

Raw silk contains all the characteristics similar to silk, except for the shine. In their most natural form, the yarns are quite uneven, which gives the fabric a slightly rough but smooth texture and a great sheen.

The dresses are one size fits all and fit every body type. We recommend that the dresses be dry cleaned only.

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