Tanel Veenre x Baubauwall: let the hippos dance on the walls!

It all started with a phone call. Reet was at one end and Tanel was at the other. Reet had an awesome apartment in the old town awaiting renovation, where she wanted bold wallpapers with a special design. Since the world of patterns is in Tanel’s bloodstream, this change of scale from jewellery/fashion to interior did not seem so unexpected. At the end of a few minutes of conversation, patterns were already running in the designer’s mind, on the walls of the room, and now there was no way out – the faucets had to be turned on. There are a total of 6 different patterns in this series, each coming in a sensitive range of colours.

The wallpaper series was born in cooperation with the fantastic Estonian manufacturer Baubauwall, whose creative director Anna-Kai Tõrs, we asked to open this world as well.

Tanel's personal favorites are the patterns directly inspired by the series of plates with an oriental feel
and a spatial illusion.

Please tell me how Baubauwall was born and what is your dream?

The world of wallpapers is simply fantastic! In fact, it was the pandemic that gave the final impetus to the idea. Half the planet sat in the home office, and many looked at the familiar interior from home with a new look. Wallpaper is one of the simplest and at the same time the most effective ways to change interior design. How to get new wallpaper quickly and without leaving home? It turned out that it’s not that simple at all. From there, how to make it easy to put together the synonym of wallpaper – pattern? As usual in Estonia – we did things smartly and with the help of IT. The result is a zero waste wallpaper e-shop, where you can get wallpaper in numbered tiles and exactly as much as you need and nothing in excess.

What are the trends in the wallpaper world? What are your best sellers?

Photo wallpapers for sure! Effective designs that you put on one wall and that stand out. Combine the main colour of the wallpaper with other walls and accessories and you have a uniform result.

In the world of wallpaper, patterns and colors inspired by nature are indispensable. The keywords are biophilia, tropics, modest Japanese and at the same time modern classic. It is a pleasure to see that Estonian design is included in the game and the creations of our own designers on the wallpaper are an absolute hit.

Big hippos - the most daring solution, where dignified hippos act like room guards 🙂

What is the special feature of the wallpaper series born with Tanel?

Cooperation with Tanel has been very exciting. We really love large patterns and spectacular designs. It is a unique skill to place the tiny seahorses, butterflies and beetles that have become a Tanel Veenre brand on the wallpaper pattern so that they stand out in the design. In the same way as the same familiar elements on jewellery and porcelain, but the dimension of the wallpaper is much larger. Finding a balance in colors was very interesting. After all, the wallpaper is mostly the background singer in the interior, especially the bright and neon colours of Tanel Veenre’s beloved head had to blend into a lot more pastel colours on the wallpaper, without losing the familiar style.

Dragonflies hand in hand - a bold but not restless solution.

Tanel, please tell us about this cooperation. What new did you discover?

“For me, no product is something separate, but a part of a bigger story and picture. That’s how my movement from jewellery to fashion and then to crockery and wallpaper has gone very naturally. All this is one fairy-tale whole. But of course, the world of wallpaper has its own peculiarities and limits. Compared to, for example, fabric patterns, this series is much more sober and structured, the colors are more subdued. If the caftan can have horses frolicking in neon tones, it would seem too much in the interior. The room is mostly a background system so that the smaller-scale design can shine. But at the same time, I tried to preserve my sensitivity and story…  This is how horses and dragonflies now dance their geometric dances.”

These are some patterns from the designer's desk that didn't make it to the wallpaper rally 😉

Tanel describes his encounter with wallpaper in real life: “Seeing your creation on large wall surfaces is a proud thing… the effect of wallpaper is strong and direct – as if you are inside your creation! I am super grateful to Reet, whose courage inspires me not to be afraid of large forms and naughty brushstrokes!”

Pictures of Reet's apartment

It is easier to add effective designer wallpapers to your home, for example, one wall at a time – wall-sized artworks add character to the room. If you feel like adding a touch of Tanel’s fairytale world to your home, you can find the wallpaper selection created in collaboration with Baubauwall here: https://bit.ly/3gGu98u

Follow Baubauwall’s activities 🙂

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