Brooches with a touch of Estonian folk culture

Brooch is a smooth-edged, generally metal (brooches made out of bone or other materials are exceptional) decorative jewellery item designed to be attached to garments, often to fasten them together, known since the Bronze Age. Over time, the shape and decorations of the brooches have changed, and different regions have developed their own decorating techniques and styles. Traditionally, brooches were mostly made of silver, bronze or copper (rarely of gold), but in recent times they have also been made of cheaper alloys.

Estonian brooches with "eyes" from the past
Tanel's designs of the working process of the brooches

“Estonian brooches with “eyes” have something mischievous and playful, the colourless silver is usually crowned with a wreath of glass stones. I took the idea of ​​a silhouette and stone wreath from folk heritage and started mixing colours and playing with animals of our brand, which formed the patterns for my brooches.” – Tanel Veenre

“I have always been fascinated by the views of an Estonian dance festival filmed from a bird’s eye view. Where each person becomes an element in a wonderful movement of patterns.”- Tanel Veenre

Photo: Dance and song festival's Facebook

“These dragonflies, seahorses and seashells on the brooches also make patterns like dancers at a dance festival 🙂 Since I really like playing around with colours, I decided to make a series of brooches using the cold enamel technique, which lets the colours shine proudly.” – Tanel Veenre

Tanel's idea was helped to be realised by a talented assistant, Hansel Tai. Thank you!

Tanel Veenre brooches are a personal and at the same time Estonian-feeling accent for both everyday and festive wear 🙂 There are 12 eye-catchers in the selection: 6 with “eyes”, 3 large brightly coloured and 3 small pastel brooches.

Brooches come on a wonderful cardboard bases covered with rainbow foil, which add a modern festivity to the jewellery.
This series is for wearing with joy and for bold colour games - just as our ancestors celebrated the beautiful side of life with their colourful festive clothes.
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