Our Muse – The Fairy Adele

We found Adele Thele Robam thanks to the recommendation of super stylist Liisi Eesmaa. Fairy-likeness and angularity, maturity and lightness shine in this girl. But Adele is not just a model, today she mainly works as a stylist. One of her most memorable works has been the artwork for the short film “Deus in Machina” (directed by Nicola Piovesan), for which she also won the best costume award in Italy. Among other important challenges, Adele mentions the artist/stylist work for the Estonian funk band Lexsoul Dancemachine and the soon-to-be-premiered short films “Bride Robbery” (directed by Teresa Väli) and “Drifting into the Distance” (directed by Rebeka Rummel).

Your state exudes a cool bohemian freedom... how would you define your own style?

My style is rather changeable and easily adaptable as my lifestyle has been until now. Although, I have to admit that some individual elements have been the same throughout the ages. People often call me fairy-like, but in fact, I really like to wear, for example, classic black very usually. So from wall to wall – according to the feeling I wake up with in the morning. I especially like to incorporate hidden details into my clothes, which you don’t notice at first glance. More and more I value comfort in clothes and especially in shoes.

Adele in Tanel's tracksuits, to which the new Hippo zodiac signs add playfulness

What are your favourite clothes in your wardrobe?

When I was just a few years old, I had a lacy nightdress with a horse print. The dress was so long that it trailed down to the floor. It was such a favourite of mine that I wore it until I was a teenager. But then it had become a decent mini dress for me and there were still more holes than material. An absolute favourite of the moment is a colourful Japanese kimono that I found in Thailand, in which I have literally danced off the sleeves several times.
Photo: Tanel Veenre

What is your relationship with jewellery? If you have a gem with a story - please share this story...

For quite a long time, for some reason, I have been able to wear only silver jewellery, only recently I have slowly come out of this silver madness and tried to wear gold or colour as well.

I once gave my Dutch co-worker Maria, a costume designer, a pair of silver scissors-shaped earrings after an internship. I gave the other half to myself. Since then, I have had a habit of wearing it as a lucky talisman on shooting days, especially in the early days. Maria also still wears it. This is how we maintain a small but important connection with each other for the last 6 years.

Adele and raw silk dresses

What is your relationship with colours? How bold are you? What colour would you never wear?

It is very interesting how colours affect our nature and vice versa. I remember a period in my life when I moved to Portugal. I had just divorced my partner and fell into a black hole in a good way. It was one of the saddest, yet most beautiful times of my life. I lived in Porto for 5 months. I couldn’t wear any colour. My entire wardrobe was replaced with black items. As if someone was mourning, after all, nothing like that had happened directly. But my life took a complete turn there. I changed a lot. Only when I returned to Estonia did the colours slowly creep back.

I know that a few years ago I would never have worn neon green or electric blue. But now I have become more tolerant of everything and such colours seem fascinating. Basically, I’m willing to wear anything.

Photo: Tanel Veenre

You are a costume designer and stylist by profession. Tell me, please, how did you get into such a field?

Semi-randomly. In fact, in 2013 I went to the Baltic Film and Media School to study Audiovisual Media. The film world attracted me. AV Media is an area where practically the entire film base is taught. From sound and lighting to editing, direction and camerawork. We even had some acting classes. Everything was taught, except costume and cinematography, which later became my speciality. Already in the first year, for some reason, I was offered school projects to participate in short films as an artist. At that time, being an artist at school meant, of course, that you worked with both props and costumes at the same time, which is completely unthinkable now. I immediately started to like this job. I realized that I have been indirectly moving in this direction all my life. For example, I remember how when I was little playing The Sims, I basically didn’t get to the game because I got stuck in the fascination of designing houses and characters.

I essentially jumped headfirst into practice, as it was not taught in theory at BFM. I considered transferring to EKA to major in scenography, but I still decided to acquire the basic knowledge of film and finish BFM.

Somehow, work started coming in through the door and window by itself already when I was in my second year. I worked on both set design and costumes. In my third year, I did a few internships in the Netherlands, and there I suddenly realized that the field of costume design is still more the direction I want to go.

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