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Photographer Ele Rieberg-Meiel has emphasized in her work to be on the road. She admires change, movement and growth as a person. Her sensitive and searching eye fits well with Tanel’s world, its more mysterious side. Ele came to the rescue to capture some shots of the models waiting for the show on the day of the Mirage fashion show. When Tanel received the pictures from Ele, they enchanted Tanel with their immediacy Her shots feature cool beauty, graceful fingers and breezy silk.
Photographer The four faces of Ele Rieberg-Meiel< /span>

What turns you on as a photographer? What are you looking for?

I notice the impulse to react when something comes to my heart and I go along with it to see where the road leads. I am looking for what is on the other side of familiar places. I am experimenting more and more with how to get from one place to another and back in such a way that I can bring something with me that speaks without using words.

What is your relationship with the model? How much and how do you direct?

I usually take a moment to tune in and understand what this relationship would need to work. There are moments where I direct very little and let the process unfold naturally, and others where I set and talk about how it could be down to the last detail.
Photo: Anu Rieberg

There is tenderness and crispness in your pictures ... the models almost shine through. How to achieve this?

I always feel supported and eased when I’m in contact with the environment in which I shoot. I believe it carries over to the photos. My attention has definitely been on the balance of tenderness and strength lately, and perhaps subconsciously for a long time. Good to hear it’s being seen.

Who are your creative role models? Who motivates and inspires you?

I was left wondering how to answer that. I really like it when someone does their thing in such a way that you can see that they would do it even if the world started to turn the other way. As time goes on, the more I notice how many people make their creations in such a way and generally live their lives in such a way that it is entirely their creation. And it brings me to a place where I can’t name names, but I’m just thrilled that we all have our own processes in which we create and manifest.
Beautiful Ksenia (MJ-Models) behind Tanel's 3D masks

Photos: Ele Rieberg-Miel

What is the relationship between black and white and color photos in your work? What are the differences?

I think I have never put into words exactly, what is the difference between them. For myself, it’s just a strong gut feeling about how the photo frame works. Some photos only come to life in black and white. If the colour is taken away, an aspect of timelessness is added. And sometimes not. Sometimes colour is more important than form, and in black and white, nothing would be left out of the picture.

Do you also take pictures upon order? What do you like to photograph the most? Who is your ideal customer?

In most cases, yes, I take photos when I get an invitation. I also sometimes make invitations myself and take pictures simply because of the inner feeling that the camera is like an extension of my heart and eyes. I am especially happy to take portraits and moments of the process when someone has reached or is reaching a place where they can start creating things that are important to them. I also really love photographing transitions from one stage to another, such as pregnancy, and also rituals, which are sacred rituals in the classical sense. I like to try to capture photos of the balance of change and staying the same. It’s beautiful to put it into words 🙂 My ideal client? Anyone who knows that things are constantly changing.

This was the crisp world of Ele just a few meters away from the chaotic heat of the Mirage fashion show backstage.

Merilin and Liisa (EMA) floating in Taneli's caftans. span

Photos: Ele Rieberg-Meiel
Ele’s wonderful creations can be enjoyed both on her Instagram account @elerieberg_photo and on her website www.elerieberg.com.🤍
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