Our Muse – Karolin, shining from the sun

It was a pure joy watching Karolin Kippasto wear our jewellery and bold colours at the Miss World competition in Puerto Rico. Her classic beauty and bright smile caught all eyes.
Karolin wearing Tanel's Earberries

Karolin, please describe your everyday dressing style. What are the keywords? What are your favourite colours and brands?

On a daily basis, I wear a lot of pastel colours that come in three different shades, but sometimes I try to experiment with bolder colours like bright reds, turquoise and sparkly pink. The keywords for my daily dressing style are simplicity, purity and femininity. I mostly wear body-shaping clothes that emphasize a feminine figure. I’ve been finding a lot of rose gold pieces in my closet lately, but for years, bright red has been my favourite colour. So far, many different brands have entered my closet, which I can’t keep track of, but the most famous brands are definitely Calvin Klein, Guess, Burberry and Hugo Boss.

What is the secret weapon of your style if you want to make everyone in the room look at you?

I would say that in such a case, the clothes should have some special feature that makes people interested and look. A good example here would be Laura Põldvere, who dares to stand out from the crowd with her style, thinking outside the box and wearing fashion differently or in a new way. This is also proven by the fact that whenever I wore her costumes at the Miss World competition, people came to me to ask about my outfit and I also received a surprising number of compliments. For another trick, I consider bright colours that should match the skin tone and hair colour. When combining bright colours, the effect is even doubled, but the shades should definitely match each other.
Karolin in Puerto Rico wearing Tanel Veenre Comet series green tassel earrings

We know that the Miss World finale was unfortunately canceled due to the Covid, but how will you remember this Miss Carousel?

Above all, I am incredibly grateful for this experience. I gained a lot of acquaintances there, inspiration and the courage to think and dream big. I will also definitely remember the close community and helping each other during the competition. I was surrounded by such strong and beautiful women who, while competing with each other, also cared about each other’s well-being, which was truly heartwarming to experience.
Karolin shining at the Miss World competition together with the other beauties of the competition

Bold, powerful colors are an opportunity to stand out on the red carpet... Where do you get the courage to wear the brightest red or yellow?

Ever since I was little, I’ve liked strong, striking colours, although I tend to wear them rather rarely. If there is an opportunity to go to the red carpet, or to some other more festive event, my goal is always to stand out and feel bright in that room. Every woman knows inside whether and how she would like to stand out in society and feel in her own skin. I somehow immediately like to “throw myself into the trap” and be outstanding. I just enjoy being out of my comfort zone.
Karolin in outstanding red wearing Tanel Veenre earrings from the Fruits Of Paradise collection

What is your relationship with accessories? For example, do you have a talisman, a lucky piece of jewellery or a pair of shoes? 😉

I generally wear gold and pearl earrings, which I combine with my everyday outfit. I also have one watch that I wear every day, which I chose to match the whole contents of my closet, as well as my personality. At special events, I wear different jewellery and put more emphasis on accessories. In fact, I always carry a few stones in my bag that Marilyn Kerro gave me last year. By keeping them close to me, I can trust and hope that they will help me achieve success. An interesting fact is that Marilyn Kerro predicted to me that I would achieve success abroad, and specifically in the USA, which I did not want to believe at that moment, because I have never looked towards the USA and never wanted to travel there. But he already knew all this and told me that if you go to the USA, take these stones with you. And that’s what I did. 😀
Karolin wearing Tanel Veenre Comet series earrings in Puerto Rico

How do you see yourself in 10 years? What would be your dream day then?

You can never predict the future because life always throws up different choices and paths to take. But thinking more generally, I would like to have a job in the future that would allow me to constantly develop and would also be sufficiently diverse. I hope that in ten years I will have my own family to go home to after a long day at work. I can’t predict now whether I will really go to live in the USA. Life shows, and it seemed like how much more success I should have in the USA according to Marilyn Kerro’s predictions. I am certainly excited and anxious about the future.
Follow Karolin’s activities and progress towards her dreams on her Instagram. 🙂
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