Our Muse – Inspiring Liisa

Liisa is like she has stepped out of an old painting with her translucent skin and almond-shaped eyes. So a perfect source of inspiration for Tanel and Aldo! We asked Liisa to open up about her world and style.
During the photo shoot at the boys' home, Liisa became a model to Tanel's spring collection

Katrin Rannaväli, head of the Estonian Model Agency, found you at a Estonian Song Festival about 4 years ago. Do you remember that moment, how her offer made you feel?

I still remember. Actually, Katrin wasn’t the first one who put an I on me. The first time they came to talk to me about modeling was about half a year earlier. They definitely promised to write me an offer from this agency, but the letter never came. Probably the reason for them was my age. I was only twelve at the time, but at first glance I looked much older. 😀 When Katrin came to talk to me at the Song Festival, I didn’t think anything would come out of it either. However, Katrin was active, a good communicator and a very warm person. It probably ended up like so I could be at the Estonian Model Agency now.

Katrin said that you have as much posing experience as the other Estonian models combined, because you have worked in Korea and Taiwan for a long time. Talk about this experience - what did you learn? How did it change you as a person?

I was very modest in communication at first, so Korea was the perfect and safe place for me to start from. The people at the Korean agency were very friendly and caring. I used to go to castings there a lot and see what the other girls were doing. As time went on, the more I learned to recognize how to feel the light, from what angle and how to look, what emotions to use and how to stand. I learned a lot from working with photographers. In Taiwan, posing for a model is quite different than in Korea. In Taiwan, high fashion is more popular, i.e. larger poses that can usually be seen in magazines. There, too, I learned a lot from other models, photographers and stylists. By traveling alone like this, you become more confident and experience a lot of new things. You learn to make your own decisions and manage your own affairs. You manage and make your own choices. We sometimes cooked with other models in Korea. Since there were models from different nationalities, I also got something new from this experience.
Liisa shining in Tanel's jewellery

Please describe your style - what are your wardrobe favourites?

My style is still evolving. 😀 I love comfort when dressing and that’s the most important for me. Sometimes I also experiment with clothing items or colors that I wouldn’t put on at first thought. But my all-time favorites are still classic well-fitting jeans.

An important part of your job is going to castings, where you have to make the best possible impression on your employers - how do you prepare yourself? What are your tricks?

I try to be myself. When I get nervous, I try to calm myself down with the thought that the client wanted to see me. 😀 This thought always gives me more courage. Nothing special can be done about the appearance. At the castings, black jeans, a black top that shows off the figure and heels needs to be worn. Make-up should be as natural as possible, if at all.
Liisa at the Mirage fashion show catwalk

Talk about your relationship with accessories. Do you have any meaningful jewellery?

Every day I wear tiny gold rings in my ears and a thin gold chain around my neck, but my favourites are the rings. My little deal with myself is to buy one tiny piece of jewellery from every country I travel to. As a memory. My lucky charm has become a small silver ring with a light blue stone that I bought on my very first trip to Korea.

What are your favourite colors when choosing clothes? Are there colors you are afraid of?

I like the black colour, as do probably many other models. This colour goes with absolutely everything and is easy to combine with other colors. However, my favourite colour is dark green. I usually wear more neutral tones, but I’m not afraid of colours either. I’m also happy to wear, for example, a red dress. I just don’t like neon colors.
Liisa in Tanel's spring collection kaftan

Despite your vast modeling experience, you are just finishing elementary school. Where are you steering? Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

Hard question. I have just finished elementary school and have successfully passed the entrance exams to high school. The immediate goal is to finish high school well. Of course, I also want to continue modelling. However, what I’m going to study may change in three years, so I can’t say that now.
Liisa flying in a Mirage satin kaftan

Photo: Ele Rieberg-Meiel
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