Our Muse – Androgynous Jaan

Jaan is a phenomenon and an icon of his community. A boy with a background in classical dance touches the boundaries of gender and makes music that speaks to his generation.
You have a background in classical ballet – how did you get into dancing?
I have been dancing since a very early age. My parents took me to ballet school rehearsals when I was about 11 years old. I got in and since then dance has been my life.
What does movement and dance give you? Talk about your relationship with your body.
I like to move. As classical ballet is very limited, I have increasingly enjoyed my improvisation. I like to go crazy, I call it hard rock myself. 😉
You are a legendary style icon in your arena, pleasantly nonchalant and gender fluid … talk about your stylistic preferences. What are you making your choices for? Where would you classify yourself stylistically?
Thanks !;) I feel part of a non-binary community. I enjoy being considered a woman by people and I like to look androgynous because I like to confuse people. 🙂
It seems that indie pop is your scene – you also express yourself in the music video 5HORSES and Antonina Ho … Why are you doing this?
It gives me pleasure to express myself through music. I love to play with electronic music and squeeze something interesting out of it. Music is freedom for me.
The highlight of your modeling career was attending the Gucci show .. please tell me more about this experience.
It was the best experience of my life. The show took place in Rome and I fell in love with this city too. All in all, the dream came true, a great miracle.
Describe one dream for this summer … 
This is not so much a dream as a goal. I would like to move somewhere else for a year to grow and experience. I want to try something fresh in my life.
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