One Year Of Charity

A year full of gratitude and kindness!

Tanel together with Kristiina and Ave, presenters of the foundation My Dream Day, doing a news broadcast with Christel Karitsa from Ringvaate.
“Charity could be a natural part of life” –  Tanel Veenre
Spring 2020 marks the beginning when the Tanel Veenre brand started with conscious charity. The healthcare crisis, full of unknowns, formed a clear attitude – one can move forward with only care and empathy. While in March 2020 a temporary appeal was launched to support the Food Bank and the parties most affected by the crisis, in April we laid the foundation for a permanent charity portfolio. Several dozen pieces of jewellery were added to the Tanel Veenre brand’s charity section, of which we donate 20% of the revenue to a selected organization.
Tanel: “Charity could be a natural part of life – when basic needs are met, there is an opportunity to support others who have not had such a good time in life. After all, it also gives you a nice warm feeling. It is also important for us to increase the awareness of our customers – when purchasing a specific Tanel Veenre product, it is nice to know that 20% of the purchase amount goes to support a specific charity.”
Over 5500 € with you!
In cooperation with customers and partners, we have collected nearly €5,500 for charity during the first year. In cooperation with the foundation My Dream Day, a special collection My Dream Day was prepared, which rose to the top of sales in the spring of 2020. Even at the end of the year, the beauty department store Tradehouse helped fulfil the dreams of children with a lack of health. Tradehouse made a conscious choice to give their business gifts in the form of Tanel Veenre jewellery.
Kate Pill wearing a special charity model created for Tradehouse store
“In the case of Tradehouse, the charitable aspect became very important when choosing a gift. When it turned out that during this process, in addition to the joy of the company’s employees, we also have the opportunity to offer added value to the charity organization, it was a fairly certain decision-moment that we must definitely move forward with this.” – Kate Pill, Tradehouse
In the 2020 charity portfolio, Foundation Noor Ehe, NPO Lapsele Vanemad, NPO Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer and Kiusamisvaba Kool also collected 20% revenue from selected products.
We support the helpers

Hospital workers are on the front lines fighting the challenges of 2021. We made our contribution to the Toetame Aitajaid initiative in order to value the work of doctors and nurses who selflessly take care of our people.

We sent 15 pairs of Earberries and 15 Kingdom of Dreams books worth € 1,320 as gifts. We are glad to see that 92 supporters have already joined the campaign!

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