“Collaboration Project of the Year 2020” is the ear of My Dreams Day

Tanel Veenre and the whole team received great news that the Charity Foundation’s My Dream Day “Cooperation Project of the Year 2020” is a My Dream Day jewelry series created by Tanel Veenre. The Foundation selects team recognition based on feedback from both volunteers and the public.
HMUP: The goal was to create earrings inspired by the colours of My Dream dau, which would also have a charitable purpose – to raise donations and help make children’s dreams come true. We also wanted our volunteers to be able to wear the beautiful jewellery that is part of our identity at events organized by the foundation. In cooperation with Tanel Veenre, a wonderful jewellery collection was completed, which was very well received by the artist’s clients. For each piece of charity HMUP sold, Tanel donated 20% of its sales revenue to the fund, bringing the total to € 2,248 per year.
President Kersti Kaljulaid wearing earrings dedicated to the My Dream Day at the interview with Estonian Television. Tanel Veenre and his team would like to thank the extremely hardworking people of the foundation with a deep sense of mission, with whom we have had the honour to work. Our thanks to volunteer Kati Siilbek, communication manager Ave Pilt and CEO Kristiina Gabor-Mägi.
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