Venus Unique Brooch


This brooch is for you if you want to wear a piece of jewellery that is one of a kind. In the history of fashion, the brooch is also known as lapel jewellery – a sly addition to formal clothing, giving a colourful and personal accent. Brooches are also suitable for men.
Smoky quartz is known for its ability to bring you back to earth. This coffee-toned stone helps the wearer take responsibility, giving practical and rational energy to find solutions. A lapel pin is like a medal for yourself or a loved one. As a sign of care and love.

One of a kind
Collection: Venus
Material: rose gold plated silver, smoky quartz
Length: 55 mm
Weight: 8,6 g

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The hero of the Venus collection by Tanel Veenre is the ancient goddess Venus. Like the Roman goddess born of a seashell, this series symbolizes love, beauty, longing, sexuality, and triumph. Semi-precious stones inspired by antique chandeliers are polished especially for this collection. The jewellery series includes earrings, pendants, and lapel jewellery. The silver details are made of ethical material from Estonia.






rose gold plated silver




smoky quartz

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