Hagerty Silver Clean – Silver Jewellery Cleaner


Cleans and maintains silver and silver-plated jewellery, making them shine like new. Inside the cleaning agent is a small basket, with which the jewellery can be immersed in the liquid for 10 seconds. Then rinse under running water and then dry. The product removes sweat, and dirt and restores the shine of tarnished or oxidized jewellery.

NB! May not be suitable for cleaning jewellery with natural stones.

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The product is intended for cleaning silver and silver-plated jewellery. Its special ingredients effectively remove dirt from jewellery and restore its original shine.

Use: Using the basket in the jar, place the product in the cleaning agent. Twist and shake the basket with the product for 2 minutes, then rinse the jewellery with warm water. Dry the jewellery with a soft and clean cloth.
NB! Do not place several pieces of jewellery in the cleaning agent at the same time to avoid friction between them. The cleaning agent is not suitable for jewellery decorated with pearls and semi-precious stones.

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